What's All This Hooplah?

You are on the information page of the greatest webcomic this side of the internet.[citation needed] EV is a story of humor, romance, and living life. On top of that, it features adorable characters, geeky stuff, and general awesomeness.

A random interneteer once called it "Awesomer [sic] than Chuck Norris wielding a duct-tape covered Nokia." I, myself, have described it as "like...some obscure furry Legend of Zelda / Pokemon fanfiction (oh wait, that's pretty much what EV is)."

Really, the best introduction I could give you would be the comic itself, but here's some info that can get you started:

Who are we?

First, allow me to introduce myself. I am the highly nerdy (secretly evil) cartoonist who can be blamed for the existence of EV.
Sandy is our leading lady. She's a maniacal fangirl and a devoted sister, with a heart of gold
Fenic is Sandy's baby brother. Quiet, and ever watchful, he takes very seriously his duty to protect his sister.
Jesi is a dear friend and neighbor of Sandy and Fenic. Well-meaning and always in pursuit of another joke, he's sincere in his hope to make his friendship with Sandy into something more.
Fado is an aspiring pilot who's renting a room from Fenic and Sandy while he studies. Polite, and old-fashioned, he may have struck too good of a first impression with Sandy.
The former main character of the series, Alek now enjoys the peace and quiet afforded by a supporting role as Sandy's friend and neighbor.
Chinchilla is Alek's rambunctious younger brother. Perpetually in pursuit of fun and excitement, he can be a little much to handle.
E2 is a childhood friend of Alek. Purportedly half-digital and highly skilled with computers, he can often be spotted flying under the radar.
Rax is Jesi's cousin. The two occasionally engage in battles of sarcasm or other manifestations of healthy cousin rivalry.
Roko once found the need to wear a disguise, but now enjoys acceptance as the male Vulpix he is.
Cassie is the mother of Sandy and Fenic. A chronic worrier, she usually puts the needs of her children ahead of her own.
The self-proclaimed Ferret Queen, Anne is what happens when a fan claws her way into the world of a webcomic.

What are we?

As you can guess, none of us are quite human. For the most part, we're creatures called Eevees, which originate from the world of Pokemon. If you stick around, though, you might run into the occasional Keaton, Digimon, or boring regular animal.

Why Eevees? And why don't we look like Eevees?

I admit I understand the confusion. I wonder about it myself at times.
I mean...seriously.

The reason they don't look like Eevees is the same reason this comic is about Eevees. I blame a friend, and a ten year old Flash animation.

In 2010, James Palmer showed me a video and its sequel on YouTube, Eevee Party and Eevee Party 2. The videos featured a dance party filled with Eevees of all shapes and colors. It was fun, and the series had its own fan community. I started to get into it, and next thing I knew, I was drawing a comic strip.

Jim, if you're reading this, I'd like to remind you that you've ruined me.

At first, the story was centered around the Eevee Party, but as it's progressed, it's taken on its own independent life. It's a good story, regardless, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy making it.

Still confused?

Then my advice is to start reading.