The home of EV has not always been Blogspot. The series was actually almost a year old before I brought it here. Before that, I had posted the series purely for the benefit of my friends on a little forum we had between us.

The forum is now gone, but the comics I posted there, the entire first year of EV's life, still remain. I've posted them here for your benefit, with context and commentary added as I see fit.

EV started, late in the summer of 2010, as a way to stave off boredom on a long bus ride. I had recently graduated from Junior High, and thought myself skilled enough as an animator and cartoonist that I started entering into animation and video contests.

Well, somewhat to my retrospective disbelief, I actually won one. The prize was a free week enrollment at this kids' animation school in a town a good distance away. I couldn't drive and it was too far to ride a bike (not that I was very good at that). I could get a ride in the morning with my father, since he worked in the same town, but that left the challenge of getting back around noon. So, I took public transit every afternoon that week.

It took three times as long as it would have by car. So, being such a skilled animator/cartoonist, I brought one of those black and white composition books and began doodling in it. James Palmer, a friend of mine had, not long before, shown me a YouTube video called Eevee Party (as well as its sequel Eevee Party 2), and I had become enamored with it. Most of these doodles were of original characters fashioned after the style of the partygoers.

Well, the week got over eventually, and as a result of it, I still claim to know how to use AfterEffects. Still, I had Eevees on the brain. With Jim's help, I discovered that there was a microfandom centered around the series, and their official deviantArt page was having a drawing contest with the theme of "Summertime Fun."

I decided to draw an entry featuring my characters.

I was not as lucky with this contest as I was with the animation one. However, I had so much fun drawing the comic (and my friends liked it so much), that I decided to keep going. I began filling my sketchbook with more Eevee adventures, settling on the name "EV" for the series, because of its identical pronunciation to "Eevee".

I used the sketches as plans for further, final-product strips. I followed a daily comic strip format, giving each "daily" strip three panels, and then a "Sunday" strip had more. I never did get around to drawing all of them, and certainly couldn't manage it every day, but here are my scans of the sketchbook.

(Though they didn't appear in the original arc, where I had intended them, I later recycled sketch #49 as EV #16sketch #28 as EV#19sketch #19 as EV #37, and sketch #35 as EV #49.)
I also immediately began to draw them in ink, and posted them on the aforementioned forum site for my friends to see.
The url listed at the top "tinyurl.com/EVcomics" redirected to my thread on the forum.

A note: A Si is the original creator of Eevee Party. Invitations to the party are depicted in fan-art as being Eevee-head-shaped, and are addressed from him.

I hadn't thought much about the logo in the first one, and just drew something I'd be able to reproduce easily without coping from a computer (something that, at the time, seemed like more trouble than it was worth...I didn't have a very good image editor at that point).
When the second one came around, I decided to make the logo look like a party invitation. And from then on, a thematic modification of the logo became the norm.

Here we encounter the first "Sunday" strip.

The first run was fun, but tapered out after a couple of months. I had lost my excitement for Eevee Party and probably got busy with school. This marked the first of many hiatuses, and a doozy of one. It wasn't until seven months later that I got involved with the strip again.

What brought me back? Actually, it was Eevee Party again. The official production team released a new video called "Eevee Party 2.5," which was a mix of two incomplete videos, an attempt to create a proper Eevee Party 3, and some kind of unfinished bonus video. The team had reorganized or something, and started on Eevee Party 3 from scratch, prompting them to release the unfinished work to their fans.

This comic was my announcement that I was back in the EV game.

Rimjanor was the dA name of the friend who got me into Eevee Party. He offered to post my strips on his deviantArt, since I didn't want to maintain one myself.  Careful if you go over there, not everything is SFW.
Yes, I blamed hunger for my sloppy drawing.
It was at this point, that I felt the story was falling apart. It seemed like the installments were too far apart for it to maintain continuity, and so, with that, I decided to end the continuing story and instead draw random episodic EV strips.

In order to bring this new arc to something of a conclusion, I uploaded scans of the sketches I'd drawn for the subsequent few strips.

The one with the asterisk was to be titled "Hello Parking Meter" in reference to ASDF Movie.
Simultaneous with my decision to depart from the continuing story, I decided that the forum simply wasn't a good place to publish my comic. I did a little shopping and eventually settled on Blogger as a permanent home for EV, then constructed this blog.

That was in July of 2011.

The story has undergone many changes since then -- not to mention my art and writing styles have improved drastically. You can continue this archaeology dig, by reading the blog from the very beginning here.