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Don't be intimidated by my Creative Commons licence. It's just my way of saying "You can use my comics pretty much however you want. Please do."

Just to clarify any misunderstandings, and hopefully answer some questions, I will go over what it means here.

The licence applies to all of the images and animations on this website that I made. It does not apply to the site itself (that's powered by Blogger), any of the pictures that I did not make (most of these marked with "¬" in the caption), and a few other exceptions, which are expressly noted.

The licence I used has three parts.

First, attribution is required. If you use one of the comics I post here, please include my name (Riley Hulick) and, when possible, a link back to this website ( Both should be clearly visible by people who might see your post. I like real hyperlinks, so even though I write my website's URL on most of my comics, I would prefer it if you also included a link.

If it's not too cumbersome, then please also include the name of the comic (EV), a link to the comic's Facebook page ( and explicitly recommend that people visit my website to read more of the comic. These are, however, optional.

Second, my comics are not to be used for commercial purposes without my permission. Note that this does not mean my comics are never to be used for commercial purposes. I require permission, mostly because I like to know where my comics are being used -- so I'm probably going to grant you permission.

If you want to post my comics on an ad-supported website, I'm pretty lenient about it. If you don't bother to obtain my permission, I probably won't mind. However, if you want to be thorough, then please email me (, and be sure to mention how you'd like to use my comic and what the URL of the site is.

If you want to sell prints of my comics (e.g. on t-shirts), then I will almost definitely want a royalty. Email me beforehand so we can discuss it.

For other commercial uses, please contact me.

Third, you must share-alike. That means that if you share my comic, you must share it under similar terms. For a lot of people that means you have to give it an identical Creative Commons licence, but I'm not really a stickler about it. All it means in this case is that you can't forbid anyone else from sharing my comic.

If you feel so obligated, then you may mention that it is licensed under a "Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License"; but if you included a URL to my comic (and you'd better), then anyone who sees it and cares to repost can find their way to this page and see all the specific terms.

If you have any further questions, concerns, or complaints, then feel free to email me at

And thanks for your interest in sharing EV! I am always grateful for it.

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