Sunday, October 12, 2014

Caught up in the moment

EV #111 "Caught up in the Moment"
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Should I explain my sudden hiatus here?

Naw, I'll put that in its own post.

Nightscapes are hard with ink. I don't have any more of them on the immediate docket (phew), but dang was this fun to do. Just, extremely difficult. Probably could have stood to put a little more hatching on the edges of...everything.

Ah well.

So, yeah, the story grows incrementally more complicated. And I'm doing it for no reason other than to torment you.


Fado: "See those four, in kind of a square?"
Sandy: "Yeah."
Fado: "So, those four, and upward are Hercules. See, there's his chest, and that's his arm raised above his head."

Fado: "I always had a thing for the Herculean legends. The man was immortal but not a god, and yet he was able to do so much just with his own strength and determination. He was a man who never gave up, and he got everything he ever wanted."

Sandy: "Sounds like someone I know."

Fado: "This was a mistake from the beginning. I'll take you home. I'm so sorry."
Sandy: "I'm sorry too."

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