Thursday, August 7, 2014

Those were the good ol days

EV#108 "Those were the good ol' days"

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Four years.
Four. Years.


Like, I know it's been four years, but I can't believe it's been four years.

This is nonsense.

But I'll tell you what, nothing bolsters one's confidence in his drawing skills like trying to mimic his old art style. It's harder than you might think. I pored over a lot of my early EV drawings, and examined the differences in characters' designs then vs. now. They were pretty inconsistent then.

I almost think that the four-years-ago version of me would have his feelings hurt by this comic. He really was trying his hardest; it's not his fault he didn't have as much experience as me.* Maybe I was too hard on him with this. That kid could really hatch.

I mean, look at this.
And he wasn't as bad at hands as I made him out to be. Plus, he did all his work in x-fine Sharpie. When I did that last panel, I used an x-fine Sharpie for authenticity, and it is so much harder to wield than I remember (though the line quality is surprisingly good).

*If you think about it, it is his fault that I have more experience than him, because he kept drawing for four years until he became me. So, it actually is sort of his fault that he doesn't have as much experience as me -- because of his hard work and determination, of all things. Temporal relations are confusing; it's because of this rubbish that they won't let me have a time machine.

Anyhoo, the logo is too small to read, so here's a larger version:

What happened on 12 August 2010?
I had to dig through a bunch of old emails to find the exact date (I guessed wrong at first, actually.) 12 August was the day that I sent an email to A Si, the original creator of Eevee Party with a link to Image Shack to this image, which might be familiar to you if you've been following EV.

Presumably, I uploaded it to ImageShack the same day that I sent it to A Si in an effort to submit it to a contest (the full story is on the History page). The picture is actually still on ImageShack. Around the same time, I'd have uploaded it to the old forum where I began publishing EV (now gone, and very little is on Wayback Machine).

That's what I consider the debut of EV.

So, I'm going to stick with 12 August, the anniversary for which is next Tuesday. I'll probably post something then to commemorate it, but this comic is meant to be the main acknowledgement of that -- when I was planning out my posting schedule, I thought the anniversary was on the 3rd. It may well have been, and for whatever reason I just waited a week to send it off...but I have no archaeological evidence.

I should keep better notes from now on.

I changed my signature. The old one was fun, I guess, inspired by the Stark Industries Logo but I feel like it doesn't really say anything about me as an artist.

So now it's a dragon.

It's pretty big, so I reserve the right to change my mind about using it on EV, but this is my new autograph, and I am very proud of it.

Anyway, this comic was fun. Fun and challenging, and it really bolstered my confidence to see my improvement these last four years. Four years from now, I'll have even more fun making fun of my current style.

Hope you're still following me then :)


Jesi: "Be gentle. He's having an existential crisis."

Alek: "Why?"
Riley: "Next week is the 4th anniversary of our comic, and we're not famous. Not even a little."

Alek: "So? Did you start drawing comics to get famous?"
Riley: "Yes! Yes I did!"

Alek: "Come on. When you started, it was all about the fun of it. If you can just mentally go back in time four years, you'll snap right out of this bad mood."

Riley: "You're right."

Riley: "I'm young again! What are proportions? Waht is spelling?!"
Jesi: "You fool! What have you done?!"

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