Friday, August 1, 2014

There weren't supposed to be more problems.

EV#107 "There weren't supposed to be more problems."
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Please excuse me a moment as I indulge in an evil laugh.

Thank you.

So, yeah. This is getting intense. Turns out, emotions are complicated stuff, and you thought the whole love triangle was over.

I guess it's just Sandy's turn to be oblivious to Fado.

This also ends my catch-up sprint. I might finally have enough time to start working on my costume for SLCC now. (And then get caught up in the costume, fall behind on EV, and repeat the cycle).

Lots of hatching, again, but this turned out fairly easy to draw -- largely because Fado is the only one in most of these panels. Fado has relatively few decorations (Sandy has a bit of black on the end of every lock of fur, it's like coloring an Oreo milkshake.) and his eye-slat-things are really easy to color. It's also just pleasant to draw smiles for a change.

I've got an early day, so I'mma hit the hay now. Take care, y'all loonies.

Fado: "Sandy?"
Sandy: "In here!"

Fado: "Hey, Sandy! I--"

Fado: "Oh, hey Jesi."
Jesi: "Hi..."
Sandy: "Hello Fado!"

Sandy: "What's up?"
Fado: "Never mind. It's stupid."

Fado: "I'm home. Just in case you need anything."

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