Friday, August 15, 2014

The uttered warning

EV # 109 "The uttered warning."

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A post in honor of Robin Williams
Canonically, this is the first time Fenic has spoken out loud in EV. I accidentally made him speak out loud on a previous post, but have since corrected it. Let there be no dispute.

Not long ago, I read an analysis of Treasure Island which pointed out the notable roles played by Pew and Long John Silver. Both are frightening and powerful characters, in spite of being very obviously disabled. (You'll recall Pew is blind, and Silver is an amputee).

I thought that would be an interesting effect for this scene, so that's what I went for. Fenic is not only clearly capable and defensive of his sister, I really tried to make him seem powerful.

I feel like I was successful. It prompted this in any case:

Welp, I've been sitting here giggling over reading Fenic's lines in my head with James Earl Jones' voice now. Probably that's a sign I should go to bed.

See you next week.

Wait! Before I forget.

The flowers that Fado bought for Sandy were called Rhododendron canadense. Bonus points to the first person who correctly guesses why this particular species of flower.

Fenic: [I told you to stay close to my sister, not to try starting a relationship. Flowers? Just what were you thinking?!]

Fado: “I honestly don’t know. I thought I understood how I felt, but...I can’t get my mind off of her.”

Fenic: [Find a way. Maybe one of those reasons you broke her heart would work. Scars? Your pocket watch? Any of that ringing a bell?]

Fenic: [You don’t get any second chances on this. Not from me. Not ever.]

Fenic: [When I speak out loud, it feels like swallowing razor blades. So let that stand as testament to how important this is. When it comes to you and my sister…]

Fenic: “Stop.”

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