Saturday, August 23, 2014

Innocuous enough, right?

EV #110 "Innocuous enough, right?"
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I just tried to keep this one simple. It's kind of a talking-head installment. I was in a bit of a rush; not my best work, but not my worst.

These last couple of days, I've been a tad busy and neglected to upload it even after I had finished drawing it. Sorry :/

So, I'm unemployed now. (It was a summer internship; I had an end date before I started.) Under normal circumstances, that would simultaneously mean an increase in EV activity, but that's not the case. On Monday, I begin the heaviest semester I've taken yet.

Also, Salt Lake Comic Con is the week after next, and I still haven't finished either of my costumes.

Updates may be spotty for a bit. Maybe.

Anyway, I hope you're not too bothered by the direction the story is headed. I think what I have written is going to be interesting and worth reading, so please bear with me through the dramatic irony and heartache.

Fado: "Hey, Sandy. I've been thinking."
Sandy: (sarcastically) "Uh-oh."

Fado: "There's a little campground by a lake outside of town, far away from the city lights. If you're not doing anything tomorrow night, I think I'd like to take you stargazing."
Sandy: "Sounds great. I'll see if Jesi's busy."

Fado: "Well, there's only room for two on my motorcycle, and --"
Sandy: "Oh. I don't think that's such a good idea."

Sandy: "Fado, I had a crush on you for a long time, and...well, now I'm in a tricky place emotionally. I'm just trying to move on. Trying to heal. And then there's what I have with Jesi. This doesn't feel right."

Fado: "Does it have to be that complicated? We're just friends, it's just an evening out."
Sandy: "And Jesi isn't invited?"

Sandy: "I think it's obvious I'm not the only one in a tricky place. I... I think I trust you enough that I'll go with you this one time. But only this one time."


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    1. The easiest way is to like our Facebook page. If you have a Blogger account, you can add EV to your reading list. If you use an RSS reader, we have an Atom feed you can subscribe to. Or, if you'd prefer, there's a widget I can install that will let you subscribe by email.

  2. Kekeke, I already have~ Facebook doesn't exactly bother to show me everything though...
    I'll see if I can find that feed. Thanks ♥