Friday, June 20, 2014

Like a ton of bricks

EV #101 "Like a ton of bricks"
Also, some recent contest entries (here, here, and here)
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Yeah, so sorry this wasn't up this morning. I really wasn't feeling good these last couple of days. Didn't help that I've been staying up late working on a secret project (details later), or that this comic has so much rendering and an extra wide panel.

But it's done now. And since it's still Friday, I'm technically still on time.

Sandy has a Sandra and Woo poster in the background (no, I'm not trying to pander to that comic so I have higher odds winning their contest, why would you say that?), as well as a Lord of the Rings one. Fenic is reading Looking for Alaska by John Green -- which I haven't read yet, but I assume it's good because I'm a nerdfighter.

Optional extension dialogue:
Sandy: "What made you an expert on love all of a sudden?"
Fenic: [I'm reading a John Green book.]

And I always have fun throwing together fake Facebook screenshots. (here's a less blurry version -- although I intended for it to be blurry in the final product, so colors and fonts probably don't match that well.)

I think you're going to like next week's. I know I am.

I'll see you then.

Sandy: “I’m worried about Jesi.”

“I hardly see him on Facebook anymore, let alone in person. He just seems so...sad.”

“And I can’t blame him. That girl he likes rejected him. I know what that’s like. I just want to know who this mongrel is so I can give her a piece of my mind.”
Fenic: [hm. I wonder...]

[Who do we know that Jesi will drop everything to play Smash Brothers with, at her whim? Whose texts will he answer at 3 AM when she can’t sleep. Who does he bake Nutella-Oreo-brownies for, when she’s having a bad day?]


Sandy: “I am such a jerk!”

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