Friday, June 13, 2014


EV #100
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Where's my parade?

I threw this together really fast because I kept putting it off all week. But hey, I still got it done! Sort of.

I had originally intended on putting all the characters in, but just two is good I guess.

I've been making cosplay. Don't judge.

Anyway, the t-shirt I'm wearing in this has all my previous EV logos on it.

It took more time to put together than I would like to admit.

I'll be sure to get next week's comic done a little less rushedly. Till then, ciao!


E2: “Wow, you’ve made 100 of these things? And it only took you, like, three and a half years, two websites, a Tumblr and a DeviantArt that you don’t update anymore, and who knows how many hiatuses! The important part is that you (probably) have more readers now than when you started!”

Riley: “You have a special gift for ruining these moments.”

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