Friday, May 9, 2014

Tread lightly

#95 "Tread Lightly"
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You made him get out of his chair.
Man, you ded.

It has come to my attention that I really hate it when legitimately talented artists complain that they are not skilled. And while I (in some bias that probably has a fancy name I don't know off the top of my head) may disagree, many people have told me on good authority that I am a legitimately talented artist. So, in order to help mitigate the pain that comes from good artists' self-pity, I have taken a vow to never again complain on this comic about a) mistakes I make in comics and b) artists whose skill levels surpass mine.

And the fact that now I do not know what to talk about in this comic's commentary, should probably be an indicator to myself on how bad the complaining has been. I apologize to any and all who are adversely affected by it.

How about I talk about the comic itself. Hm?

I would like to point out something that I had hoped I'd made clear in this comic with the process of storytelling. However, it is a detail which I consider interesting enough that my immense ego will not allow me to let it go unnoticed. Therefore, I point it out here (even if redundantly).

Fenic is capable of selecting recipients of his telepathic communication -- a common aspect telepathy in fantasy fiction. Fenic has never, not once this entire time, directed communication at Fado, nor made any other effort to let Fado know about his telepathy, until the previous comic featuring himself and Fado (two comics ago).

When Fado says "I figured," it means that he has experience with telepathy, enough so that he recognized it when he saw it. This is a sign of a writing practice I've indulged in while writing for Fado. I consider this somewhat sloppy, and yet I did it anyway mostly for the sake of seeing what it's like and what it's capable of.

Big reveal time? I think so.

I did not plan Fado's character before introducing him into the comic. I was working off of exactly two details when I began this whole story arc over a year ago: 1) His name is Fado, and 2) he is a Keaton as they are depicted in the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

That was it, and I started drawing him into comics.

Before long, he became this cute, well-mannered, technologically oblivious student pilot with a mysterious gold pocket watch that appears to be significant somehow. It's like he's Steve Rogers crossed with The Doctor in some obscure furry Legend of Zelda / Pokemon fanfiction (oh wait, that's pretty much what EV is). I got to meet Fado and learn what he was like, at about the same rate as my readers.

This is a fun thing to do when writing something, but like I said, I consider it sloppy. Because, it produces plot holes and inconsistencies. Some can be explained away. Fado did not have his watch visible before he pawned it, so it was concealed in the fur on one of his tails. He knows next to nothing about computers and the internet, and yet he used Craigslist to find Sandy's room for rent, so there's a short anecdote about a public library I've been keeping in my head in case anyone called me out on that detail.

Where am I going with this?

I don't know, kinda' the point of commentary is to ramble.

Other news, I have next week's comic already penciled out, and I plan to spend most of the rest of this afternoon drawing. With luck, I'll be able to have a months' comics buffered out before I begin my FABULOUS NEW JOB in two weeks.

See you next Friday. Probably sooner; a comic this serious needs some dorky mid-week fanart.

Fado: “So you're telepathic. I figured.”

Fenic: [Did you “figure” how pissed I am at you?]
Fado: “I’m starting to get an idea.”

Fenic: [I didn’t trust you from the first second I saw your ugly squinty face. But hurt my sister. Bad.]
Fado: “Well, I--”
Fenic: [Shut up.]

Fenic: [I don’t care that you didn’t mean to. You did it. And now you get to clean up after yourself.]
Fado: “How?”
Fenic: [That’s your problem, hobo.]

Fenic: [I really don’t know what i expect you to do, but abandoning her is the last thing she needs. When her father left, she developed an anxiety disorder. You wanna beat his high score?]

Fado: “Fenic. I Just want to be happy. You can have my word of honor on that.”
Fenic: [Your honor is worthless. Just prove it to me.]


  1. Oh, dear...
    I can't help but compare panel 5 to the last three panels of comic #76. I'm not sure whether to laugh hysterically or order some brain bleach.

    On other matters, complaining as in "Urghh I suck" is of no use to anybody. Realizing you can still do better, on the other hand, is vital to improving.

    Also, I love your description of EV. That should totally be on the about page.


    1. I, myself, made the same connection between this comic and #76 while I was drawing it. I even penciled in some alternate dialogue. Try the laughing option; brain bleach smells funny.

      Yeah, I know that complaining is unproductive, but I'm really good at it. Bear with me.

      And, I suppose I could add a few revisions to the about page...