Friday, May 2, 2014


EV #94 "Chickmate"
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You may note that it's pretty late into the day. I barely finished this, and still haven't gotten my "buffer" ready. It's a nice thought to want to get four comics ready and waiting to be posted at my leisure, but other matters have drawn a lot of my time lately (often involving home repair or yard work).

Anyway, this comic is just a repeat of techniques from last week's, nothing too special or novel here as far as the artwork goes, and much less detail in backgrounds and stuff. I tried to make it a little more sharp black and white, but it's tough. I'll probably have to work at a higher resolution for the next comic. Mostly I was focused on getting this comic done, and less on getting it done well.

Time was, I'd call it good if I posted the comic at 11:59 PM on the day it was supposed to be up. I don't plan on staying that way.

Here I am complaining about my comic management techniques. Feh, it's all fine. Keep reading, you're all awesome for putting up with me!


Rax and Jesi are sitting side-by-side on Jesi’s couch.

Rax: “Oh yeah, cousin. I know all about picking up chicks. I could give you a million tips, techniques, lines, whatever.

“but none of them would work on Sandy.

“See, Chicks pretty much expect your advances. It’s all just a game, and they’ll play by the rules. In the end, everyone’s just a trophy.

“But She’s only a chick if she makes herself into one. And you are dealing with a whole different class of female. You’ve got yourself a woman.

“All the rules go out the window with women. In ten thousand years, we still won’t have them figured out.”
Jesi: “Ugh. Just my luck.”

Rax: “I know, right? I’d give anything to be in your place. I mean -- I’ve never met a chick that loved me.”

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