Friday, April 25, 2014

What happens now?

EV #93 "What happens now?"
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Wasn't this story a comedy at one point?

What happened to those days? I may have to post supplementary silly cartoons.

So, yeah, EV is back and on a weekly schedule no less. Friday's the official day, in case you didn't hear (though I am not using an automated posting system, so don't expect them quite so close to midnight in general).

As for this installment, take the feels as you will. From a technical stance, I like a lot of what I was able to pull off with this, and...don't care much for some of it. The speech (and thought) bubbles were more manageable in this comic than they have ever been before, because I finally got the sense to draw them separately.

Also I like the facial expressions and angles. I've spent a fair amount of time this last while looking at very old drawings, so I feel like I'm actually pretty good. But I really botched that crosshatching...seriously.

Oh well, you probably don't like self-pity.


Sandy: "So, are you leaving?"

Fado: "Only if you want me to."

Sandy: "I don't know if I do."
Fado: "Then I'll leave. I wouldn't want you to be uncomfortable."

Sandy: "I--"
Fenic: "He's not going anywhere."

Fenic: "Fado."

Fenic: "I'm not finished with you."

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