Saturday, March 29, 2014

Life goes on


So, I am a horrible liar.

I hope I can have your forgiveness for not ending the series this previous January, even though I promised I would in a previous post.

This is not an official return to the series...yet.

I may revive the regular EV strips and draw it to a more satisfying conclusion. And I may not. I will probably put out more artwork, but I haven't decided how much time or effort I will commit to EV at this point.

I just wanted to finish this piece (which I began in December) and post it somewhere it would cause pain. After having stopped the regular strips, I came to realize how addicted I was to the tears and angst of my fans.

Also, I missed making big projects.

So, of course, I took on the biggest project of them all: a Facebook mockup.

I've Facebook mockups before, but never at this scale. They can be terribly difficult to produce, not only because of the spacing and formatting of the website itself (luckily, I know a thing or two about web development), but also because everyone who makes an appearance needs a unique profile picture.

So that's what I did.

I always smack myself for these. I made them really detailed, but they inevitably get scaled down to only 50 freaking pixels wide. THAT'S NEVER WORTH THE TIME I SPEND ON THEM.

Obviously, I can't let them go wasted at such low resolution, so here they are at full glory:

Jesi's profile picture, featuring a model car...the collection of which is supposedly his hobby, or something.
I really need to do more character development for him.

I was either being lazy or innovative when I drew this. Unlike most of my drawings, this never existed on paper; I did it entirely with my tablet or mouse (can't remember which, but I'm thinking mouse). Not exactly the best of quality, I'm afraid. The poor dear. 

This is the most disproportionately high-quality of the profile pics. Anne is not a character in the regular series, though I put some doodles of her on the EV Facebook page. She is the fursona I developed in collaboration with and for the behalf of a dear friend and fan of the series. In this picture, she is mimicking the facial expression and pose of that friend's actual Facebook profile picture. Since it's also a gift, I'll let the detail slide.

Here's a boring, portrait-style photograph commonly used by middle-aged women on Facebook, ideal for Cassie. 

This was inspired by a particular photo of my father's dog. When considering what sort of Facebook profile picture Chinchilla would use, this was the only thing I could think of. Yes, that is Alek in the background. No, I don't know where this photo was taken, but I have a pretty good guess as to who was upside-down.

Rather than a photo of himself, Fenic used a picture of Cloud Strife. Except in EV world, apparently Cloud is a Chocobo. I really don't know enough about Final Fantasy to come up with anything better.

Dramatically lit, eyes off-center, and I do think I see a bit of focusing. Is our E2 moonlighting as an amateur photographer? Or perhaps the artist really couldn't think of anything better to do with him.

Fine, I admit.
I really just drew this as an excuse to have two Eevees kissing. The characters featured are Glint and Chiro (Kee-ro, if I remember the proper pronunciation). I created them near the beginning of the series. Chiro is featured in my infamous First EV, and the two of them had some romatic comedic tension in the concert ticket story arc of my original sketches (see the Gallery page if you're curious).
In addition to kissing, though, this was also a fun study for muscles, bat wings, and dappled light. And study justifies the inordinate amount of detail.
The background photo was taken by Niels Elgaard Larsen, and is of the Frederiksberg Garden in Copenhagen. Apparently these two went on a trip together. The original version of the photo may be found here, its use here is permitted by its Creative Commons license.

Does a person really need an excuse to draw himself as a pony?

Uh-oh, the amateur photographer strikes again. Dangit, I can't simulate the bad posing, lighting, and general noise that is the fare of Facebook profile pictures, even for Roko (who would be the biggest culprit for mediocre Facebook culture).
I'm not sure this picture exists in any higher quality. Not that more resolution would really increase the quality...
I drew this two years ago (holy cow, I feel old) for a previous Facebook mockup. At the time, I was going for a terrible, grainy, low-quality webcam photo. I think I hit the nail on the head. When deciding on profile pictures for various characters, I decided that Alek simply had not changed his photo in the last two years. This is a jab directed at my older brother, who may have had the same profile picture since joining Facebook. (Some of mine didn't even last a week).

Oh, and there's this. The photo featured with the fur care ad. I was trying out techniques with this, trying to make it look more photographic and less cartoony. Definitely need much more practice before I'll be satisfied with the "photographic" quality of it, but I feel I successfully suggested shiny fur.

So, yes. An abundance with fun on this piece. I took great care in coming up with ads, conversations, and the various other chatter that occurs on Facebook. So, even though the main focus is sad, there's a lot of funny here too.

Just gotta dig.


  1. Hey there. Love your work, but I'm a little confused: by "finish this piece", do you mean "finish this story arc" or "cease drawing EV"? Please tell me it's the former. I've only just discovered your comic and I'd hate for it to already be at an end.

    -Tearful and Angsty fan

    1. Hey there, Dragon. Thanks for speaking up.

      By "this piece" I literally meant this single drawing, of Facebook. It had been sitting unfinished on my computer for months. I'd asked a friend to help me make it, so it felt wrong to leave it as it was.

      As for the series at large, you might have read that it was my original intention to end it in January. However, at that time, it was also my intention to post several more comics during December and January to bring the series to a proper finish. Personal affairs got in the way, and unfortunately the series has sat as it was until I posted this.

      It's only been this week that I have started making plans to resume posting regular updates to EV. I'll post an official announcement later, but be assured that EV is not ending here. I just need a little time to make the preparations I need.

      I'm glad you enjoy my work. Don't give up on me just yet :)
      -Your author