Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sketch dump, dreadful news, and hey lookit I've widened the website.

First, business.
I *thought* that making my comics in the skyscraper format would make them easier to read on a website, but apparently Blogger doesn't want to cooperate. So, I resized it a bit, now hopefully you'll be able to read the text without needing to zoom in.

I will not have any space-hogging sidebars on my next webcomic, I assure you. I'll probably use Wordpress or Smackjeeves (I might go all fancy and get my very own domain), but I'm not shopping yet.

Still, I should let you know that EV is approaching its end. I have decided to conclude the series this upcoming January. Exactly when that happens will depend on whether I can get back on my posting schedule before school is up or not, so we don't have a date for doomsday yet.

I'll try to give you as much bonus material as I can as we get closer.

Speaking of which, here are a number of doodles you might like. I'd posted some of these on the Facebook page, but not all of them.

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