Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Irony: Not just for hipsters anymore

 EV #89 "Irony: Not just for hipsters anymore."
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So, skyscraper format. That's new.

It fits the layout of the website better. I may rearrange a few things so comics will be readable without zooming in. Honestly, that's something I should have done from the get-go.

This is a comic I've been looking forward to drawing for some time. I think I wrote it last March or so, and the script was so deliciously ironic I couldn't help but laugh maniacally over it a couple of times. Nobody wants to be "friendzone buddies".


Sandy: “I help him with his homework, I helped him get a job, but the guy simply will not catch a hint! What does it take to make him see I like him?”

Jesi: “You mean to say you've been friendzoned?”
Sandy: “It's stupid, but yeah.”
Jesi: “You? Friendzoned?!”

Sandy: “Yes, Jesi. A girl has been friendzoned.”
Jesi: “I'm sorry. It's just weirdly satisfying.”

Sandy: “Aha. So I you're in the friendzone too?”
Jesi: “Uh...”
Sandy: “I knew it! Who is she, someone I know?”

Jesi: “Sandy...You'll be the first I tell, believe me. It's just really awkward for you to ask all of a sudden. Really awkward.”
Sandy: “Okay, fine. I'm just glad there's someone else going through the same thing as me.”

Sandy: “We can be friendzone buddies!”
Jesi: “Oh please don't say that!”

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