Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yelling at the top of his brain

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Yay, late commentary!

I'm writing this blurb, perhaps two weeks after posting the comic. I remember nothing about the creation process, except that the style seemed to fall apart on the last two panels because they were drawn after some delay.


There are some things I need to adjust in my drawing process. Also I need to avoid staying up really late to finish these things, because then that throws off the whole routine.


Fenic: "I am not overreacting, and I don't appreciate that you refuse to take me seriously."

Sandy: "Oh please, Fenic. You've been babbling about that funny feeling for weeks. Nothing's happened. It's just your imagination."
Fenic: "You're psychic too. Don't tell me you don't believe it could be real."

Sandy: "Yes. I'm psychic. It's my life, he's the man I'm falling in love with. I think I have more say in the matter htan you."

Fenic: "Fine! Be an idiot! But don't expect sympathy from me when he breaks your hear. I just hope I get to watch it happen."

Sandy: "How trite. You know, you get so cute when you're mad over nothing."

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