Monday, September 30, 2013

He looked into the pocketwatch

#87 "He looked into the pocketwatch."
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After the introduction of Fado's pocketwatch, one of my more avid fans left a comment on the Facebook page.
Naturally, I had to draw a comic of someone opening the pocketwatch.

I had actually drawn half of this in pencil, but I got caught up in other matters, so I was unable to post it. Sad day, I should like to finish it if I ever find the time.

The resemblence between Fado and The Doctor amuses me greatly...and it is ever increasing. I'm not saying that Fado is secretly a generation of The Doctor -- but I am saying that you've never seen him and The Doctor in a room together; and if you had it wouldn't prove anything.

Fan art of him piloting the TARDIS wins you bonus points.


Fado: "Hey! What are you doing?"

"Put that down, that's not yours!"

"I mean, I know it's technically not mine either, but I'd still rather you didn't go snooping through it."

"Don't give me that look. You already know too much, I'm sure. Don't act like you've discovered the secret to my demise."

"We'll continue this chat later."
"And maybe next time, you'll (you know) start saying things."
"Like a normal person."

"That kid gives me the creeps."
"It's like sharing a house with a vampire."

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