Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Extra ready

 EV #85 "Extra ready"
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I have already been asked why it's Geiger counter. There's nothing radioactive going on. A Geiger counter is just a relatively uncommon object that can fit into a backpack, and makes no conceivable positive contribution to the first day of school. Also, "Geiger counter" happens to be a pair of trochees, which makes it sound more fluid than "magnetometer".

So, yeah. I meant for this to coincide with the start of school for me. Instead, school coincided with the start of school (whodathunkit) pushing comics off a bit. I still owe you another one this week, but I've also got a little more than half a week left.

And I got to use my new nice pens on this. :)

Transcription will be up some other time. I think I accidentally deleted the .txt where I had saved this particular script, so I'll have to do it by all over again and (well) I don't want to.

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