Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Comic Con

I have no comic.
I spent all my comic drawing time doing homework yesterday.
I spent all my homework doing time the day before at Comic Con.

Honestly, it's a trade that could have ended worse. I'll finish the one I've started and post it maybe tomorrow or the next day. Dang, though I was hoping I could have gotten caught up (I'm still a week behind, if you haven't noticed).

I think I'm going to switch my official release day to Friday instead of Monday. I'll see what it's like after I get caught up.

Comic Con was fun, though. I'm talking about the comparatively small one they had in Salt Lake this last weekend (not the big one in San Diego maybe a month before). My phone ran out of batteries, so I was unable to get any pictures other than this:

So just imagine the awesomeness of that picture, continued over several hours and countless genres and fandoms. The cosplay alone was enough fun to justify going. (Remind me to make a real costume for next time).

Thanks for your understanding, and keep on being awesome, y'all!

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