Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Not sure what there is to clean, honestly.

EV #84 "Not sure what there is to clean, honestly."
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Since the last one was kinda heavy, I decided to put it out at the same time as a light one.

I know I've put out at least one comic where Roko interacts with the others without his costume, but that's not likely the first continuity error I've made. Maybe this is a flashback scene, I don't know.

The title is referring to the costume. Consisting of a pillowcase, fake beard, and construction paper, it doesn't really make sense for it to be at the cleaners.

I'll try to have another up before the week is up, then I'll be caught up. Enjoy the splurge.


Alek: "Hi, Roko!"
Roko: "GAH!"

Roko: "Hey, Alek! Nice day for good weather, don't you --"
Alek: "Roko, what are you doing?"

Roko: "*Sigh* I've gotta be honest with you. Alek, I'm not actually an Eevee. I'm just a Vulpix who's been wearing a disguise, but it's at the cleaners. I guess the truth had to come out eventually."
Alek: "I knew that."

Alek: "Jeez, everybody knew you were a Vulpix. I never brought up the disguise because I thought it was some kind of fandom thing."

Alek: "You'd kinda' have to be an idiot to think that disguise was actually real."
Chinchilla: "Hey, Alek! Who's your friend?"
Alek: "See?"

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  1. hahahah the idoit is my other baby <3