Friday, August 16, 2013

I thought you said you were coming out of hiatus

Well, I was...
I meant to...
Cut me some slack, I'm trying.

My mom and I recently moved into a new house. Rather than sell the old place, we're going to rent it...but since the house was never really finished (plus five kids over the course of twenty years living in it) means we want to fix it up and make it nice before people move in.

I don't know how many of you have ever done renovation before, but it's unbelievably time consuming. Especially when you've only got two people doing it, both of them work full-time, and neither of them are experts.* By the time I'm done for the day, I'm tired, a little nauseous, and unwilling to do anything more than watch Futurama (which sometimes I have a hard time getting around to doing).

*Okay, I confess we've got a couple of contractors working with us too; but that's only for the stuff we can't really do ourselves, like plumbing and tile work. Not electrical, though. HAHAHA, I CAN DO THAT!

I used to be able to draw at work, but our staff has been a little short (and our workload a little tall) this last while, so I've had no luck there. Mornings are my best bet, and that really means (ideally) only an hour a day -- and there are other things I spread that time between.

So, yes. I owe you two weeks worth of comics, and the third due date of Monday is rapidly advancing...I'll get them out, mark my words, but I just don't know when.

Thanks for your patience.

And keep watching for the daily doodles. :)


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