Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Heated Words

EV #83 "Heated Words"
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This is not a comedic comic.
Don't try and find a joke here. It's not meant to be funny.

Sometimes it's okay to be a little sad.

Corsac: "Young man, I'm your father. Don't call me by my first name."

Fenic: "You? My father? Then why do I feel more respect for the hobo we're boarding?"

Corsac: "I'm doing the best I can, but it's not that simple. I can't just hold a family together by myself."
Fenic: "You could have at least refrained from single-handedly tearing it apart. Right when I needed a father the most, you turned into a child. If you want me to forgive you for that, you have to earn it."

Corsac: "What do you want me to do?"
Fenic: "You already know that. I want you to prove that you're not afraid of me because I'm sick. Come by the house and look me in the eyes."

Corsac: "I can't -- it's more complicated than that."
Fenic: "It's not complicated. It's just hard.

Fenic: "You're afraid of me. And you know can't hide it. You don't dare look at me because I'm not your fuzzy soccer buddy anymore, and that was the only son you knew how to love. Add the shame and disgrace of abandoning us -- why, a coward like you could never own up to all of that. So that's my price."

Fenic: "It's your call, Corsac. You can take as long as you want."
"I've learned to get by without a father."


  1. yea thats fine i dont need a heart any way so it fine that it is now shattered on the floor. he seems so bored as he chews out his father and his father just seems scared. but what really breaks my heart is sandy. how much did she hear? ughhhhhh emotions. she just...i...eyes...water...pills....sick...stopped...cry..tears..crycerycry..

  2. Huh. It only just occured to me that Fenic is using the computer to talk. He usually uses telepathy...but that probably doesn't work over the he's got some software helping him out. So cool. That means he probably *can't* talk (as opposed to "usually doesn't" because telepathy is badass). Is it because he's sick, or something more emotional? Squeee for character development!

    1. You're asking the right questions, but I think it will be more satisfying if I let the story unfold itself.