Friday, August 16, 2013

Daily Doodle 1: Fado loves his grass.


So, I just received a notification from Project Wonderful, the ad syndicate that I use, alerting me that my ads are underperforming. I've got a week to get this site above the threshold before they shut off the ads.

EV has been declining in performance for months and I'm not happy about it -- but now the ads are threatening to stop, and I'd really rather they didn't. So, I'm going to draw a quick sketch like this and post it on the site every day for seven days. This, in addition to the regular weekly comics that I am legitimately trying to draw.

I'll post a more detailed update later today. However, any and all help I can get from fans will be immensely appreciated. Please, if it's no trouble, share this website with your friends. I'll be bringing the cavalry in as much as I can, but this isn't something I can fix by myself. My comic is losing support, and I want it to start gaining some.

Thanks to all my fans. You're wonderful.

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