Monday, May 6, 2013

You'd be amazed how often that exact skill has come in handy.

EV #76 "You'd be amazed how often that exact skill has come in handy."
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This comic lucked out.

Shortly after uploading the last comic...
I dropped my computer...
And smashed the USB jack clean off the thumb drive...
That was the only place on any of my computer equipment where I had saved the picture...

Except, while I was uploading the one comic
I decided to upload this one
Since "I'm already here."
To make it more convenient for me later.


My asthma prevents me from sighing hard enough to fully express my relief. If I could, though, you would probably be able to hear it from where you are. Even if you happen to live on the moon.

That said, even if it had been lost forever, I would still be able to recover from it.
Because of that new process I made mention of in the last comic's commentary.

You may rightly have noticed that my comics are about the same aspect ratio as a sheet of letter paper, like the kind you put in a printer.

That is primarily because I draw them on letter paper. I have a lot of it, I'm familiar with it, and any bigger won't really fit on my scanner. I have tried taping two sheets together, and have gotten that to work somewhat, but this works better.

I draw the panels as big as I want. Here, a quarter of a sheet was sufficient for each, but I could make them bigger if I wanted. And then, I use my hyper-advanced computer to put them on a grid of panel borders I've already drawn separately.

Because, you know, I've only had the necessary tools for months. Seriously can't figure out why I never thought of this before, but it works so well. And, yeah, if this had been dumped down the gone-forever hole, I still have all the components, and it would only be a matter of gluing them together again.

I've been looking forward to this comic for a long time. I'm embarrassed to think of how much time I spent brainstorming a way for Sandy to touch Fado's muscles...without it being too contrived.

And then there's that awkward moment while I was drawing it that my mother thought Sandy was a gay dude. *sighs, but not loud enough to hear from the moon* I guess I'm not as good at depicting gender as I thought I was.

Sandy: “So how was your first day?”
Fado: “I Love it. IT’s good work, hard work.

Fado: “I think that’s what I miss most about living in the mountains; just the satisfaction of real, hard work.”
Sandy: “Heh, suit yourself. I’ll stick to my retail job.

Sandy: “It’s too bad, though, that you couldn’t work in the store with me.”
Fado: “Well, I do need your help with something. I gotta sign up for school, but I don’t know how to do the computer stuff.”

Sandy: “School?”
Fado: “Flight school. I decided that I’m going to be a pilot. It’s why I came out here to get a regular job and a place to live.”

Sandy: “A pilot?! That’s so awesome!”
Fado: “Well, I can drive a Daimler Mercedes backwards through a corn maze.* How much harder can a plane be?”

Sandy: “I’m sure you’ll be great.”
Fado: “Anyway, they’ve got this program — guh — that I can take some of the general classes from home — ugh —  but I need to get started on that pretty soon.”
Sandy: “I’d love to help you out.”
Fado: “want to help me out of my clothes?”
Sandy: “H—h---huh?!”

Fado: “I got my fur caught in the velcro. Think you can--?”
Sandy: “Oh...of course. Yeah. I knew what you --”

fado: “What are you doing?”
Sandy: “HM? Oh, Feeling your heartbeat. Your warm, muscular heartbeat.”

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