Monday, May 6, 2013

She needs to sort out her priorities

EV # 75 "She needs to sort out her priorities"

As I warned on Facebook...
It's an eyesore.
Another comic is coming this evening.
The difference between posting comics willy-nilly and having a regimen; is that now that I have a regimen, I can't afford to fall behind.
This comic was due on Friday. Sorry I didn't get it up then. I thought I could finish it and get it up on Saturday, but I was fairly busy most of that day too. So, unfortunately, it's been shoved off to today.
But, thankfully, I also have today's comic finished (and in ink) and will get it up this evening. I can't afford to get behind, there's so much story to get through and I'm afraid that if I miss a deadline, I'll skip something important and never get a chance to make it up.
But I also feel bad about leaving a comic in this condition at upload... I should at least show you what Sandy's boss is supposed to look like.
Yay, a Sandshrew! One of the main problems with the way I've thusfar produced comics is that the panels I have to draw in are way too small for comfort. Most artists will agree that drawing smaller is harder, especially when you want to be tidy and well-proportioned. This concept sketch was drawn at about twice the size of any of the boss's appearances in the strip itself. I've never felt I had much of a choice, seeing as my scanner can only accept sheets so large, and my attempts at dithering two sheets together usually end up not working very well.

Except I've figured something out. And I feel kinda stupid for having not thought of it earlier. I'll have the details in the commentary of the next strip (in which I employed the new tactic to great success), but suffice it to say that it works fabulously, looks great, and I will probably do it for every EV hereafter.

As for this comic, its purpose is not to add to the artistic world of webcomics, but to propagate the story. I hope it at least does that much, because I can't stand to look at it any longer. Ugh.

This evening's post will be far better, trust me.

Manager (Sandshrew): "Well, you seem like a good worker, and Sandy won't shut up about you. I've already hired a guy for the job here, but we can always use a strong set of paws at the downtown warehouse."

Fado: "Sounds like my kind of job. When do I start?"
Manger: "How's Monday sound?"
Fado: "I'll be there."

Manager: "Now, I'm putting a lot of trust in your recommendation. If he screws something up, I'll have to fire you too. You know that right?"
Sandy: "Yes."
Manager: "Still think I should hire him?"
Sandy: "Yes."

Manager: "You know, he'll be working at the warehouse, not here, right?"
Sandy: "Now hold on a minute."

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