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Never wanted to hit the bananas before today

EV #79 "Never wanted to hit the bananas before today"
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And here's a cute gif, 'cause I was late.
In case you missed it, I'm rearranging the posting schedule a bit this week. This comic took more work than usual (for reasons that I hope are obvious), and I got a late start on it anyway, so I'm posting it now (Monday) instead of when it was due (Friday). I refuse to fall behind on my schedule, so the comic that was previously to be posted today will be up on Wednesday. By Friday, (I hope) we'll be back to normal.[Citation needed.] If need be, I will end up posting on Thursday and Saturday, or else Friday and a double-post next Monday. Time will tell what needs to happen, but I don't want to disrupt things that much. So I'm sticking to the first story.


Oh so much fun this comic.[What the...? Is that even English?] It's a rare treat that I get to work in color and cel-shading for EV; I can think of only a few other times where I had the chance, and none of them were quite to this extent. Just so it's clear, that's why the comic took so long. I'm getting faster at it, though. And it looks better now than it would have a year or so ago.
Jesi's game avatar was fairly easy to design; I went for a pretty generic scrappy anime ninja/samurai/shogun, and crossed him with a wolf. Robes, hair, and the you-can't-really-see-it-but-it-still-looks-awesome sword At first, I forgot to give him ears, so I consider myself lucky that they turned out so well when I really just slapped them on.
Fenic's avatar was based on one of the characters from an Aliens Vs. Predators game they had at this old arcade I used to go to sometimes. I might have done well to consult a picture of Major Armstrong before drawing him, but I have been getting better at drawing muscles since I was designated as my D&D group's official artist.
After the characters were drawn, colored, and shaded, it was not too much of a challenge to make it look like a video game. I suppose if I wanted to make it look completely authentic, I could have made or borrowed tiling spritesheets, used an animation storyboard and color index when designing the characters, constructed the image in XNA[Something I can do.] instead of GIMP, compiled it for XBOX, run it on an actual television screen and photographed that...but then I'd be talking about getting the next comic up sometime before July. Priorities. I used some mild filters to give it a screeny look, and left it at that.
Here's a higher resolution picture of the game, in case you're interested.

The rest of the comic took less time to draw. If I recall correctly, though this was one of the ones I spent the most time writing. Can't remember for sure, since I wrote them in February. Except, heh, I changed a lot of the dialogue when putting it on the page anyway -- mostly to make it fit in the speech bubbles I've already drawn. If it were written by someone else, that might be a travesty. Since I'm in charge here, only past-me is allowed to get offended by it, and I'm older and smarter than him. So there.

I think I beat my own record of most sheets of paper used to draw a single comic.
This doesn't include four sheets of sketches.

Let's see...what else? Oh yeah, haven't drawn Fenic since I switched to my new method. Just to put things in perspective, the old way, if I had drawn Fenic's head as large on paper as I did with panel 5, it would appear as large in the final comic as it does in panel 4. With the same amount of detail and roughedgedness as in panel 5. As it so happens, I could not often draw him that large, but was usually forced to make him even smaller, less detailed, and more roughedged.

That's partly why he's more scuffed now than he was when last you saw him. Also, there was a line in my original script of the J(i) = 2(b) + e^r + i∫_{0}^{∞}h comic, which was removed for lack of space. When asked how Fenic was doing, Sandy said, "He's been better," before redirecting the attention back to her pipes. So, you know, this is what "been better" looks like.

Yeah, I think that's it.

Creative Commons disclaimer:

I'd like to claim to have drawn that impressive Japanese cityscape in the background of panel one, but alas no. It is a photo of a street in Kabukichō, a district of Shinjuku, Tokyo. The photo was taken and uploaded by Wikimedia member Kakidai. I'm allowed to use it because reasons. Mainly, Creative Commons reasons.

(Creative Commons is a cool thing)
Here's the URL to the original posting, with the details of its license:


Jesi: "You're right. This does feel good." 
Fenic: "It's about the only thing keeping me from killing the real Fado."

Jesi: "Wait. I don't like him 'cause Sandy has goo-goo eyes for him and not me. But he seems cool. Why don't you like him?"

Fenic: "Every day, Sandy puts a little more trust in him; goes a little farther out of her way to help him...But when I first saw him, I got this feeling I can't shake. Like he's going to hurt her. Sandy thinks I'm paranoid. Maybe I am."

Jesi: "Is it a psychic thing? Or just you?"
Fenic: "It's hard to tell the difference sometimes."

Fenic: "But making game mods helps me feel better. Want to see him as a Mario Kart banana?"

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