Friday, May 10, 2013

J(i) = 2(b) + e^r + i∫_{0}^{∞}h

EV #77 "J(i) = 2(b) + e^r + i∫_{0}^{∞}h"
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That new process I mentioned is working pretty well. It, however, takes longer to edit than I anticipated, so this post is a little rough and was uploaded very late last night. most of the roughness is, however, due to the fact that I (once again) neglected to take my nice felt-tip pens with me to work and had to use a couple of ballpoints isntead.

I actually do like the look (and the smell) that ballpoints produce, but it's annoying to have to restart the pen when it goes dry.

It was a crappy pen anyway. The blue one worked much better, and I ended up inking most of the comic with it.

Anyway, I ended up improvising a lot of that dialogue, because what I had written down was way too long-winded to fit into those tiny speech bubbles (plus, I wanted Sandy to be a tad more crazed). Hopefully, I didn't create any discontinuities. I did notice a slight anomaly, though.

By omitting a period (something I did on purpose) in the middle, this spat can be interpreted in a much more interesting way.

Although I don't consider myself a Whovian, I still felt this was worth including. I like the Doctor, I just haven't really met him. 

Now, I consider myself pretty good at math. In fact, I'm currently wearing the t-shirt I made for myself when I scored my first 5 on an AP Calculus test. That stated, I am terrified of the equation I put in the title text. Just saying. I wrote the thing, and I'm not sure if that's a close quote or an h''. It really is jibberish.

Dangit. I spelt jibberish wrong. I knew it was with a g... oh well, you can tell what it is, and...I'll pretend I ascribed the incorrect spelling to Jesi's speech deliberately, as part of his speaking style (which occasionally includes appropriate grammatical errors). Everyone will buy it.

Now, I'm...not sure why Fado is doing homework in a kitchen with an active volatile plumbing issue. It may have something to do with the severe deficit of tables in Sandy's house, but even's almost as if the guy who wrote this comic just put him there for his own convenience. (¬_¬)

In any case, you might well note the difference between how Sandy treats Fado and how she treats Jesi. You might also note that, having already explored a couple of fistfuls of Fado's pectorals (that was really weird to say)...Sandy is now slightly less...reserved.
Fado has yet to notice.

I feel an obligation to draw Monday's comic today so I can have it up asap, but I also have an obligation to clean my room today, and one to fix my air conditioner. Obligations have a tendency to make me retreat to the internet and drool. We'll have to wait and see what happens.

Sandy: "Jesi! You gotta help me! The pipes, they hate me! You gotta --"
Jesi: "Relax. I'm always here for you."

Jesi: "Say, where's Fenic?"
Sandy: "Doctor. Who cares?"
Jesi: "What? Doctor? Is he okay?"
Sandy: "He's fine. Routine procedure. Don't worry about him. Worry about my dang pipes!"

Jesi: "Oh wow. How did you--? Don't you rent this place? We even supposed to..."
Sandy: "Fix it, and nobody needs to know."

Fado: "Uh, Sandy? Don't mean to interrupt, but I'm stuck again."
Sandy: "One sec, Jesi. Yeah, Fado?"

Fado: "Right here, problem five. I tried it but..."
Sandy: "You have the right idea. Multiply it out first."

Jesi: "Naw. His problem is that he's trying to do math on a pile of jibberish."

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