Monday, April 8, 2013

Meet Cassie

EV #70 "Meet Cassie"
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Aha. Just what this comic needed: another character.

I jest. I still haven't gotten around to putting Fenic and Fado on the site banner. Nor will I, probably, for a little while. English project (small one) due on Wednesday and finals coming up after that. I had it hard enough getting this comic up on time; there's nothing to spare on maintenance projects.
Speaking of which, didja notice I got this one up on time? ^u^ so proud of myself.

So, this comic is mostly for the sake of plot development. Since it was getting kinda heavy, I decided to throw some slapstick in there. I hope it wasn't ill-placed.

Cassie is an Espeon, btw, and the mother of Sandy and Fenic. The last character I came up with an original design for was Fado, and it still took four weeks for him to take the somewhat-stable form he now enjoys. Fenic is still not as stable as I'd like him to be, but I'm working on that. Hopefully, I can keep Cassie as she is right now.

I think that's about all I have to say, so I'll skedaddle. Toodles.

Sandy: "Really Mom, we're fine."

Cassie: "I always forget how small your house is. And you took in a renter?"
Sandy: "We could spare the space."

Cassie: "Well, where is this Fado guy?"
Sandy: "Oh, um...errands."
Fenic: "He's looking for a job."

Cassie: "You mean he's unemployed?"
Sandy: "He can still pay rent."
Fenic: "In gold. Sandy won't sell it."

Cassie: "Yikes. Be careful Sandy. It's easy at your age to think you're invincible."

Cassie: "I'm going to get some more tea."


Cassie: "Why is your house so small?!"

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