Monday, April 29, 2013

If it fits, it ships

EV#74 "If it fits, it ships"
This is an out-of-story interruption.
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 This was supposed to appear earlier, but I did not have it drawn in I believe I might have been sick. Who can remember all this nonsense?

I gladly took this chance to derail my story for a moment and depict the interaction between two characters who felt altogether neglected. Poor Alek, not that he really misses the limelight, but to go from the main character to a mere's quite a shock.

As for Roko. Well, he really only had one gimmick, and I used that up three years ago. Given more opportunities to explore his character, I suppose I'd depict the male fangirl that he is somewhat turning out to be...but I doubt that will happen any time soon. There's just so much else to do, and (let's be honest) he's quite the side character.

Now, you may rightly notice that this is...not my usual medium. I drew this today whilst at work, and, well, I wasn't in much of a position to draw something on paper. I was trying for quality, you might well note the different colors at least provide the illusion of neatness and effort, so I wouldn't exactly call this a sketch. It's just a different medium, that's all.

Tell you what, though. I was surprised at how well it turned out. My earlier roughs were just floating heads and kinda contrived dialogue (I've been sitting on this idea for a long time.) I've taken the philosophy that if you're going to bother make a comic out of a story, rather than just leave it as written text, there needs to be some value to the pictures, that you can't gain just by reading the words. I can't rightly say I've always followed this as well as I'd like, but I'd say this comic turned out better than it could have. I gave them facial expressions, that fire blast thing between panels 2 and 3 (it wasn't in the script, I just made that up this morning), the way the swirling love arrows blast by a confused Alek rather than leave them on a passive two-dimensional diagram like I had originally planned, I forget where I'm going with this.


All in all, pretty good.
Especially when one considers it was drawn in MSPaint.

That font is called "I Hate Comic Sans," by the way. My usual font is "Evil Genius", but I felt the change in medium called for a change in typeface. I Hate Comic Sans is one of my favorites, primarily because I hate Comic Sans.


Roko: "So, did you read my fanfiction?"
Alek: "... Yes."
Roko: "And...?"

Alek: "It's...It's not good."
Roko: "What?!"

Alek: "It's your shipping. It's gotten out of hand."

"I admit I enjoyed the way you took me back to a familiar setting,
"but it went downhill when you reintroduced the characters.

"You made a brothel out of an otherwise decent story with your hamfisted bisexual romantic pairings."

Roko: "It's fanfiction. You're supposed to mess around with that kind of stuff."
Alek: "Not for Dragon Tales."

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