Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hire me, I beg of you!

EV#71 "Hire me, I beg of you!"
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Hey guess what? It's another joke about job hunting (yay).

This is based on my experience looking for a job last summer. In fact, the hypno in panel 2 is actually a caricature of my current boss. He's cool, but Fado would have been a poor fit for our I guess it's for the better. Considering my coworkers, though, I doubt he'd really give too much sway to the tunnel mazes you dig in your spare time.

I have friends who are janitors, too, so don't get all self-righteous on me about the wise-crack in panel 6. I'm sure those friends of mine would appreciate the humor intended therein -- that is, if they could read the comic.

Wow, I'm just being snarky today, aren't I?

I was trying to go for a little stylizing with the characters in this one. The hypno was inspired greatly by this particularly wonderful bit of fanart (warning: the artist produced some other pieces that might not be sfw). The others were more or less based on the original designs with only slight modification as I saw fit.

Not much technically fancy here. I was really just trying to get it done. Next week's might be a tad late too; we'll see.


Charmeleon: "I can't give you this job. You don't have any sales experience."
Fado: "How am I supposed to get experience if nobody gives me a job?"
Charmeleon: "Not my problem."

Hypno: "For an immortal fox spirit, you don't have all that impressive of a resume."
Fado: "Yeah, I've been out of the loop for a while."
Hypno: "I'm sorry. Last time an applicant said that, it was because he lived in a maze of tunnels he dug under his house."

Patamon: "Typing speed?"
Fado: "What?"
Patamon: "How fast can you type?"
Fado: "Like on a typewriter?"
Patamon: "How old are you?"

Fado: "I just have one question. Do you actually plan on paying me?"
Totodile: "You get ten percent!"
Fado: "Ten percent of what?"
Totodile: "Ten percent!"
Fado: "Ten percent of ten percent?"
Totodile: "Don't be crazy. You get ten percent!"

Jynx: "Well, you read the script pretty well, but how are your phone manners?"
Fado: "I don't really know. I've been out of the loop for a while."
Jynx: "You're not the tunnel guy are you?"

Grimer: "Can you hold a mop?"
Fado: "Yeah."
Grimer: "Can you read?"
Fado: "Yes, of course."
Grimer: "Hm. I'll think about it."

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