Monday, April 22, 2013

Fun day!

As you may or may not have noticed, I am fond of the web comic series Furry Experience. It takes place at the university I attend, is very well-made, and aligns pretty well with my taste in humor. Plus, I had the chance not too long ago to meet the artist with some friends of mine and play card games.

Well, since I follow the series, I became aware that the artist was going to host a live stream, wherein she would draw sketches of characters submitted by her fans, as practice for an upcoming event she's participating in. I was lucky enough to win the seventh lottery (thanks to a technical glitch which I may or may not have been responsible for), and she drew Fenic! :3
The sketch I provided
Her drawing, which made me laugh very hard
The live stream was very fun, and I got to meet some really cool people. (Shoutout to said people if you're reading this! I was Squeevee) If you haven't already looked at Furry Experience, I recommend it.

Anyway, I'm not nearly as handy with the pen as this artist was, so today's comic is not quite ready yet. I'll post it later tonight, though. And, I've got some other exciting news to go along with it.

See you then!

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