Monday, March 18, 2013

The truth comes out

EV #68 "The truth comes out."
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Guess a sketch is all I'm getting out of this one. Played around with this for a bit longer than I would have liked, and I never actually got it on paper. That might change, but there are other things that are now demanding a lot from my time.

Yeah, I've eluded to this for a while, but now it's out in the open. Jesi has a crush on Sandy. And, apparently, he's getting a better hang of telepathy.

Pretty straightforward this, so I'll let it alone. Toodles.

Jesi: "I guess we've never actually talked before. You're Fenic, right? ...Sandy told me she had a baby brother, but is that really you? I mean... 'baby'?"
Fenic: "Baby brother is a pet name. I'm only two years younger than her."

Jesi: "Ah. How about the blond fox. Who's he?"
Fenic: "New roommate. Some loner, calls himself Fado. Pretty sure he's a hobo."

Jesi: "So... He's not like a relative or something? Seems like he and Sandy are pretty close."

Fenic: "He's a three-tailed fox. Why would you think he was related to us?"

Jesi: "Well, if he was related to you, then Sandy would just be showing family affection..."
"And I might still have a chance with her."

Fenic: "You like my sister?!"
Jesi: "Shshshshhh! Keep it down!"

Fenic: "It's telepathy."
Jesi: "Oh yeah."


  1. Well crap, for me the dialog boxes are too small to read at 150% mag. in Chrome and too pixelated to make out at higher mag.

    1. Clicking on the image will open the high-res version of the comic (the one embedded on this page is just a thumbnail). It used to do this cool Facebook-style thing where it would open in a frame in front of everything else, but now I think it just takes you straight to the image.