Monday, March 25, 2013

The Adventures of Deadbeat Dog

EV #69 "The Adventures of Deadbeat Dog"
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Dat title.
It didn't occur to me until the final bits of editing, but suddenly it seems so fitting.

So given a little bit of time and preparation, I am capable of producing comics in a timely fashion. It seems like I am only capable of summoning time and preparation every other week. It's too bad, I suppose, but what is a fella to do? I still got school and work (many of my responsibilities to both were largely disregarded anyway in the production of this comic). he was keeping the watch tucked into the fur of his tail, probably wound more tightly than the first panel would suggest. If you had other ideas of where he was keeping that should think very hard about how consistent it is with the rest of my comic (and about how intelligent it is) before saying anything about it.

This may not seem entirely plot-relevant...
But I can't say any more without making spoilers so I'll just shut up.

Happy Monday!


Sandy: “So. First month’s rent is due up front.”
Fado: “Right. Here you go.”

Sandy: “What’s a ---”
Fado: “A gold pocketwatch. You said in your ad that you accept personal checks, cash, and gold trinkets.”

Sandy: “That was supposed to be a joke. I kinda need the rent to be something I can buy food with...but I guess I can sell it.”

Fado: “Oh. Could you pawn it instead? I guess I expected for you to hang onto it long enough for me to get back on my feet, and buy it back.”
Sandy: “Sentimental value?”
Fado: “Loads.”

Sandy: “I’ll keep it. But you owe me something real for next month. Or...crap, this is gold. How many months rent did you just give me?”
Fado: “I actually don’t know.”

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