Monday, March 11, 2013

So Confused

EV #67 "So Confused"

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Did not have my fancy pens at work, so I inked this with a ballpoint.

But I inked it, and finished it. Yayness!

I like drawing Fenic. Not sure why, but I do. Of course, I like drawing all these creatures, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised by that. There are scars and lumps and such, though, on our poor boy, it's a challenge to get everything set out just right.

My focus was on facial expressions with this one. Serenity in panel 1, utter confusion in panel 4, and that classic "GET OUT OF MY HEAD" in panel 6. If you ignore the text, it becomes a story about an eevee who makes you go crazy by looking at you. Yeah, I keep doing that.

I think this one is the most elaborate as far as the writing goes, so far. I wanted to go for something a little more subtle and tactful than your average webcomic, so I ditched lines like "I'm not paralyzed" and trusted that the reader would be able to patch a few things together. Hopefully my trust is not betrayed.

Tangent: I met the cartoonist behind Furry Experience. We played Magic: the Gathering and were both pwned by a noob. Aside from that, though, she looked through my sketchbook and liked what she saw -- making particular mention of Fenic. I'm oh so flattered.

Fenic: "Don't think I haven't noticed you staring at me."

Jesi: "You're standing up."
Fenic: "Can you blame me? I hate being stuck in the chair."

Jesi: "'re...I don't get it."
Fenic: "My doctors tell me not to, but I like to stand up every once in a while. I only have to use telekenetics for the first part, after that it's just my legs."
Jesi: "Teleke-- You're psychic?"

Fenic: "Yeah. Sandy too. How did you not know that?"
Jesi: "Well I-- Hang on!"

"Have you been talking to me inside my head this whole time?!?!"
Fenic: "Took you long enough."

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