Monday, March 4, 2013

A Devout Orthodox Gamer

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I only drew the whole thing yesterday, cut me some slack. Maybe, maybe if I feel like it, I will put ink on this today, but really I want to get started on the next ones so I have a bit of a buffer and won't be trying to crank them out the night before -- or worse the Wednesday and Thursday after I was already supposed to post them. If I start getting paid real money for drawing these things, then I'll start to go back and put ink on the ones that have been previously neglected.

In the meantime, like I've said before, I'm going to focus more on getting them complete and out on time, rather than make them look nice. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Anyway, before you accuse me of being a week late, keep in mind I announced on Facebook that I was just skipping last week, in part because I had a number of doctors' appointments, and in part because I was not feeling well. (Incidentally, the doctors' visits caused the illness and not the other way around. I do not react well to vaccinations.) Last week's comic would have been an interruption to the story as it is, so we're not missing anything except a tongue-and-cheek commentary on fandom culture that I'll recycle for later.

In more encouraging news, a side project I've mentioned before, Sissy Fanboy, has really picked up. One of the pictures has gone a teensy bit viral (which is kinda' surprising, since it's actually an older meme, but whatever). Fanboy has since gotten about thirty new likes over the weekend, effectively doubling in size and surpassing EV's Facebook page by a wide margin. I'm excited for it, but I've been trying not to let it distract from EV any more than it already has. I've got an epic story I'm trying to tell here, and I don't want to let it slip by.

Hurried, though I was to finish this, I did have fun drawing it. I didn't do a rough plan of the entire thing, which may have lost me time instead of buying it. I had to redo a lot of it (you can probably tell), and ultimately I had to scratch out several roughs of that last panel before I could figure it out anyway. Unlike the last time, my brain did not fill in the blanks with these empty speech bubbles. The facial expression Sandy makes in panel 4 is a work of art. Looks kinda' familiar.

In the last panel, the consoles are (from left to right) a Wii, SNES (probably should have made it a Sega Genesis for manufacturer variety, but alas) XBOX 360, and a PS2...I think. More are supposed to be implied; basically, she's got "them all."

Maybe I should have put in one of those really old-school Ataris, that would have been good manufacturer variety. Whatever. I actually plan on making reference to that SNES, and basically anything else I wanted to fit in the frame would have to be vertically oriented so that really only includes recent systems.

And, I guess I'm sorry if anyone is irked by the religious reference in the title "devout orthodox gamer." I've met people, though, who would consider video games to be their I don't intend to retract the statement.

I don't think I've cracked that much religious humor here, but I don't think I've held back as much as I do in other venues.

Sandy: "Sorry about this, I really thought there was a bed in here."
Fado (offstage): "It's okay. I'll sleep on the floor."

Sandy: "What? No, you can stay on the couch."
Fado: "I insist. I'm renting this room. I'll sleep on this floor. Trust me, it's much better than spending the night on a park bench."
Fenic (telepathically): "I told you he was a hobo."
Sandy (telepathically): "And I told you to shut up."

Sandy: "Fine, but if you're going to stay tonight, at least take a blanket."
Fado: "No. I really mustn't impose."
Sandy: "Nonsense. We have spares in the other room."

"And I take every chance I can get to show off this particular 'other room.'"
Fenic (telepathically): "Have fun geeking out. I'm going outside."

Sandy: "I never really know what to call this room. It's supposed to be a den or something like that, but with all the equipment it's more like a theater room. Except, I don't use it so much for movies."

"Really, it's my game shrine."

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