Monday, February 11, 2013

Deafening Silence

EV #64 "Deafening Silence"
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I'm scared.
Are you actually on time?

Well, no.

As of 12:31 PM on Feb 11, this comic is still unfinished. It's got a lot more dialogue than usual, and the juggling of telepathic thought-bubbles vs. regular speech is a tad complicated, as you might imagine. Although I had already sketched this out on paper, I decided that I needed to do it again on the computer (where it's more malleable) to refine some details including the placement of text.

That took longer than I anticipated, so the real comic is yet to be completed. However, on the upside, it also produced an excellent rough which I can now upload to hold you off. I don't have math homework tonight, which means that I might actually be able to ink it, and will certainly be able to pencil it out.

Do I dare hope that I can draw next week's comic before next week? Maybe fate is kind.


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