Monday, January 21, 2013

It's time to play "Name That Obscure Zelda Reference"!

EV #61 "It's time to play 'Name That Obscure Zelda Reference'!"
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This is a rough pencil drawing. I will ink and refine it later. See the commentary for why I haven't done so already
Riley, you're full of excuses.

Well, I'm a web cartoonist. It's part of the job.

My body has been threatening me with illness since November. I've tried to appease it by keeping my hands clean and consuming plenty of vitamin-c and those nasty zinc lozenges; but alas it was to no avail. Shortly after posting last week's EV, I came down with a cold and essentially turned into a vegetable for a few days. I was able to summon enough willpower to draw yesterday, resulting in this.

So my hasty promise made that the comic would be on time has been fulfilled. This counts. However, it is not strictly speaking finished, and in spite of the fact that my last few attempts to put ink on pencil drawings have not come about, I'd like to do that with this.

So there you have it. Perhaps I'll put up a proper commentary when the ink is on this. I feel so useless, but I'm still under the weather with this cold. So, I'll just take it easy for a little longer.


Sandy: "I know you're here, my pretty."

"So come out where I can see you!"

Fado: "Wow."

"Staring out the window was one thing, but now you've officially stepped over the crazy line."

"I'm over here."

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