Monday, January 7, 2013

And so it begins...

EV #59 "And so it begins..."

This is the first installment in the story, but there were plenty of comics before. Check out the history page for the very first strips, or start reading from the beginning of this blog.
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This is the first installment of a continuing story which will start now and continue weekly into the foreseeable future.

Quite like strips from my previous attempts at a story, this is a bizarre and quaint joke. Quite unlike strips from my previous attempts at a story, this has nothing to do with Eevee Party and does not feature Alek holding a letter shaped like an Eevee's head. I'm breaking barriers here, what now?

It is here that I introduce a character I came up with a long time ago. Fenic, the one in the wheelchair, was the second Eevee character I came up with. I wanted to make a character who was mentally brilliant while physicaly frail. My original designs had him very thin, without much fur, and blind gray eyes. He was a telepathic, telekinetic, and clairvoyant phantasm, intended to carry an air of gristly mystery -- to contrast the various happy and colorful characters at the Eevee Party.

I had a morbid sense of epic.
I liek.

I named and modeled him somewhat after the fennec, a species of fox. There was probably no significance to that beyond the fact that I have an affinity for foxes.

Such noble creatures, aren't they? ¬

It was after I invented the character Sandy that I decided to make Fenic her brother. This was, mind you, a fair while before I introduced her on this blog. In fact, she and Fenic were both intended to make appearances on the fist story arc.

I made some massive changes to Fenic's design. He is still telepathic, no longer blind, and now bound to a wheelchair for medical reasons (the details of which you'll probably have to keep following us to learn).

See you next Monday. Bright and early, I hope.

Fenic: "You've been staring for twenty minutes. What's going on out there?"

Sandy: "The grass. It's moving."

Fenic: "This is why nobody comes over..."

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