Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

EV # 57 "Merry Christmas"


'Twas the night before Christmas.
And as it had been all week,
Riley did naught but doodle,
'Cause he's such a geek.

Merry Christmas, my friends and fans. I told you I'd get back to the normal schedule today, and for the next half-hour it is still Monday, so I win. Would have had this ready sooner, but it turns out, I am really good at promising people that I will draw things for them.
My schedule gets kinda crowded. Hey, I still got it in.

I came up with this while dreading the thought of writing a Christmas joke. I'm not good at coming up with humor on the spot. People who know me might disagree. What they don't know is that I have a reserve of thousands of unsung jokes -- I come up with them when half-asleep and my brain is (for whatever reason) a delirious comedic genius. Then, I hold onto them for years until the conversation or situation at hand happens to be vaguely relevant to a particular joke. I'll then shoehorn the conversation until it's within firing range, spout out a punchline, and get laughs from everyone. If I keep up a debonair smile and make plenty of onomatopoeia throughout the rest of the social encounter, few can tell the difference between that and true wit.

I have friends that read this. Crap, I just blew my cover.

In any case, writing jokes relevant to contrived situations does not bode well with me. Jesi makes a valid point that I do avoid legitimate jokes when I can, and rely more on self-deprecation. Heck, this comic is based on that principle.

But, of course, Jesi can't make a derogatory statement about my comic without me abusing him somehow.

Don't dis the guy who draws you.
Tee hee. Yes it is, Jesi, and you know it. This is, as you might know, a combination of the crap I've put Jesi through in the comics here and here.

A splash-page, as you may or may not know, is a panel in a comic that takes up an entire page, or multiple pages. Lots of comics use them for sentimental holiday specials. I...took my own twist on that. Plenty of detail put into this. I hope you catch some of the inside-jokes. :3

Anyway, I've got a few ideas written out (real jokes, and some fun things besides) for the next couple of weeks -- but after I get through those, I've got ideas to take the comic in a different direction. Keep in touch on Facebook, because I'd like to talk to fans about the possibilities.

I think that's enough for tonight. Again, Merry Christmas.

Jesi: "A splash-page, eh? You'll do anything to avoid writing jokes, won't you."

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