Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I'm too lazy for a title today

EV #56 "I'm too lazy for a title today"

"Back to normal" is a relative phrase. I said on Facebook that now that finals are over, things around here will get back to normal. In this case, it meant back to the way it was before I started my weekly schedule. Haphazardly trying to throw some kind of comic together with the intent of appeasing my fans. This feels pretty normal now.

Seriously though, I was hit by a bout of laziness upon my completion of the semester, more crippling than the stress of finals. I'm forcing myself to do things, though. Things that require some initiative and (usually) make me get up out of my pile of junk food and cartoons. Next Monday (Christmas Eve, how fun), we'll be back on the regular schedule.

Yeah, pencil drawn clumsy shapes mostly going for speed here, but I did also want to be thorough with the joke, hence the amount of detail in the middle panel.

Oh, what luck! I actually spelled recuperating right. I probably should have made sure before posting it, but hey, all's well that ends well.


Alek: "This comic is two days late, and in pencil! What have you been doing since finals got over?!"

Riley: "Recuperating."

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