Monday, November 12, 2012

I know you know...this is how I spend my weekends

EV #52 "I know you know...this is how I spend my weekends."

Commentary here now.

A while ago, I promised on Facebook to make a Psych joke.
This is that joke.

Lots of fun to draw, this one. For the sake of making Jesi look on-edge (of the abyss beyond insanity, mwahaha), I drew him in a very sketchy style, as opposed to Sandy who seems fairly collected.

I actually didn't know at first who Jesi would be talking to, the words went on the page before the characters. It didn't seem like Alek's style of talking, and up until now, my fursona's snarky interactions with Jesi have been in silence, so I wanted to keep with that. In retrospect, Sandy was the perfect choice from the beginning, but I'd better draw a comic with E2 or Roko in it sometime soon before they dissolve.

I am in class right now, and our computers are Macs, so let me tell you getting that screenshot of the Facebook post was an adventure. Oh, and now all the text is flipping around for no good reason. Joy.

Hopefully this will be readable by the time you see it.

Jesi: "Took me 16 hours, but I finally found the pineapple in this episode of Psych."

Jesi: "See that brownish blur in the corner of this frame? Pineapple!"
Sandy: "Isn't that a pineapple on the dad's t-shirt?"

Sandy: "Dude. Shawn is watching frickin' Spongebob."

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