Monday, November 5, 2012

And those peas are suspiciously close to the mashed potatoes

EV #51 "And those peas are suspiciously close to the mashed potatoes."


Panels are just so much easier to draw than strips.

Alek and Chinchilla are brothers. When I first started the strip, I had built them as counterparts to each other -- Chinchilla being extremely rambunctious and immature, Alek being extremely boring and mature. You might know that I couldn't produce enough quantity for a continuous story to exist, so I haven't had much opportunity to play off of their relationship. This saddens me as a writer; in fact none of these characters have had as much development as I would like to give them. Alas...

#21 pokes fun at their relationship. Take a gander.

The joke itself is a bit of a random thought that came to mind the other night as I was ordering sandwiches with my IRL brother. I don't know why it struck me as so funny as it has, but all of the other ideas I had were hard to draw (i.e. they weren't panels). Besides, I think we're overdue for a simple and bizzare Chinchilla joke.

This was fun to draw, albeit a little clumsy as far as Chinchilla goes. Looking through my old sketches, I realize that I have never had a stable form for him -- and it doesn't help that this time I decided to make his eyes grotesquely enormous (mayhaps I've been watching a little too much My Little Pony). I've gotten the hang of Alek, though. If you want to draw fan comics (please do, and show them to me) feel free to use this one as a reference for Alek.

I'll admit the food on the plate was hard to make recognizeable. I've come to the conclusion that if it isn't an iconic fruit or vegetable, you'll probably have to guess what it is by context. No wonder Bill Watterson always draws dinner food as piles of green glop.

Until next time.

Alek: "They're not 'survivors.' They're 'leftovers.'"

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