Monday, October 15, 2012

The circle of life

EV # 49 "The circle of life"

The disadvantage of having scanned and published all of my old sketches is that now you can tell when I'm just (pardon the phrase) milking an old idea.

I varied from the original sketch the benefit of the humor... but if you've been following me closely, this is nothing but a repeat. Considering that you're reading my commentary, it's more likely that you're following me closely than not.

Otherwise, just a fun comic with some proportion skewing as I go along. Hope you liked it

"The average person experiences five distinct stages when grieving:"

Sandy: (thinking) "'s soda in here, I know it!"

Sandy: (thinking) "GAAAAA! NO SODA?! STUPID!"

Sandy: (thinking) "C'mon. Please? I'll do anything."

Sandy: (thinking) "I guess there really is no soda."

Sandy: (thinking) "I'll have some milk instead."

Sandy: (thinking) "'s milk in here, I know it!"

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