Monday, October 1, 2012

More old sketches!

So, this is where my "or a good excuse" clause comes in. I am currently working on a more-elaborate-than-normal EV for you, but because it is not finished, I have decided to show you more of the sketches from my original EV sketchbook. These are some of the original character designs I made, as well as the original story sketches I had planned, starting where I left off from my previous sketch-dump, links to which can be found here:
Sketches page 5 #12, Original sketches #13-14
Sketches page 6 Original sketches #15-16
Sketches page 7 Original sketches #17-19

And then, of course, here are the new updates.

Voila. This isn't a thorough scouring of my many high school notebooks, so there are inevitably going to be more such doodles in the future, but I think this is sufficient for now.

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