Monday, October 29, 2012

Doth Mother knoweth thou weareth her drapes?

EV #50 "Doth Mother knoweth thou weareth her drapes?"

I have immense respect for the great cosplayers of the world. And every year I try to put together a Halloween costume, I gain more respect for them.

Perhaps I mentioned at some point on this blog that it was my intention to dress as Edward Elric for the worldwide Give-Me-Candy-Day. Well, push comes to shove, and my money is pretty much spent before I got it, so there's not a lot of room in the budget for such expensive projects. I still want to be Ed, but that will simply have to wait until I simultaneously have cash and free time (hahaha, yeah right.)

I had also wanted to do this project, but such a thing requires more planning than I could afford to spare. After that, I had decided to reuse my Link costume from last year. That was, until I went to a Firefly party, and the host had me dress up as Badger. One of the other guests remarked that I looked like Bowler Hat Guy (Mike YaGoobian) from Meet the Robinsons, and begged me to dress as him for Halloween.

So I have.

I borrowed the bowler hat (which is, if you think about it, the most important part) from the host of aforementioned Firefly party. However, the rest of the costume is pretty much thrown together, consisting of sweat-pants, an inside-out hoodie, and plenty of scotch tape. I've been trying to pull off the walk and maniacal laugh, but it's been a while since I've seen the movie. In all, it feels inadequate and under-prepared...reinforcing in my mind the idea I intended to portray with this. Although I had the idea well before I switched costume plans.

I had thought I'd do something a little more self-referential and celebratory for my 50th comic, since it is a landmark, but Halloween is more universally recognizable, and last week was when I had thought I'd do it. Life happens, and things get pushed around. I'll just pick a random one to celebrate, when things are a little quieter.

Jesi: "It's okay. I still have 36 hours... I can still finish my costume."


  1. 50 Comics, Yay!!!


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