Monday, September 10, 2012

Why else would she keep 800 friends?

EV #45 "Why else would she keep 800 friends?"

Iambic pentameter.

That is the fancy name for the structure I used to write this poem. It has a long history and tradition. Shakespeare, Emerson, Dr. Seuss and a long list of other famous dead people. Few, if any, have been so inclined to write about Facebook as I have.

I think I'm about two stanzas short of a sonnet, but writing poetry is hard. I am ever amazed by how many Calvin and Hobbes are written like this. Maybe I'll try a limerick next...

Now, you've probably seen my official announcement declaring that EV will follow a weekly schedule. This is the first one that is officially on that schedule. Every Monday, I'll be putting up an EV or giving you a good excuse. You can usually expect it to be up by about 7:00 AM Mountain Time, but don't be too shocked if it comes later than that. If you come to the website, then you'll see it as soon as it's up, but you're also welcome to like our Facebook page, where I'd be more inclined to post it during the evening.

Now, as I usually do when I make a comic about Facebook (particularly one so elaborate as this), I've hidden a few Easter Eggs in here. I've given the slowpoke from comic #26 a name (he's now Lenty), and I had fun making his badly photographed profile picture.

Mori and Glint are characters I made when I started the strip. Mori can be seen in the very first EV, while Glint plays a part in the original story arc. I'll scan and upload the sketches sometime in the next couple of weeks. Katchu (“catch you”) is the nickname I gave a Pikachu character I drew in a study sketch. Hopefully, you already know who Jesi is.

Now, I was a little disappointed that the login page rendered as small as it did. This is the email address I came up with for Sandy:

It's a pretty comprehensible pun on her name (I came up with one for myself, too: “ORILY?”, but it's likely already taken – plus I don't need another email address. I'll see what I can do with it). Zombocom is one of my favorite internet jokes, so keep your eye out for more references to it.

My brother tells me that the things I hide in my comics would make them appeal to literary professors, were it not for the fact that it's a loosely fanfiction comic which is not the sort of thing read by literary professors. Personally, I think literary professors could do to read more comics.


“Poor Sandy here was feeling kinda' spent.”

“And she is fond of Facebook. (By the way).”

“But rather than go post some vague lament,”
Sandy (typing into the status update): “why can't I ever catch a break?”

“She sets her profile's birthday to today.”

“It takes a moment.”
“Then the flooding starts.”
(Facebook: 1 notification)

“Obscure acquaintances pile on her wall,”
Lenty (he's the slowpoke, and he's thinking): “Was she that cute girl in my history class? Better say something just in case.”

“Those 'Happy Birthday' posts with :) smiles and ♥ hearts.”
(On Facebook):
Mori: “happy birthday :)”
Katchu: “happy bday!!!!!!!!”
Lenty: “Happy Birthday! :)”
Jesi: “I could have sworn your birthday was in March...”

Sandy: “Works every time.”
“...She mutters with a lol.”

“Your friends are there for you. Don't get me wrong,”
“But reading your complaints is not worthwhile.”
“Instead of writing a lame heartbreak song.”
“Go have fun with them, and let loose a smile.”


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