Monday, September 17, 2012

They refer to it as "the Aircraft Incident".

EV #46 "They refer to it as 'the Aircraft Incident'."

After the whole fiasco with Teach Me Anime, I'm sure you're skeptical that I'll be able to maintain a weekly EV schedule. Well, here I am on week 2, right on time.

Rules happen this way. I can't remember what it was I saw that inspired this, but it gave me the same response.

I did heavier outlines on the last panel to contrast against the busier background. Other than that, nothing fancy. See you next week.

Alek: "Rules are set up to maintain order and stability."

"They are often intended to counterract specific acts of disorder."

"Sometimes they can be traced to a single incident."

"So the question here is..."

"Do I even want to know?"
Sign: "No aircraft beyond this point."

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