Wednesday, September 5, 2012

≤Relevant: Jigglypuff and Majora's Mask

"Finally, an audience!"

The other day, I had a chance to watch some Season 1 episodes of Pokémon. Ones I hadn't seen since they ran on TV when I was five years old.
The episode about Jigglypuff made me feel sad for the poor dear. All Jigglypuff wanted to do was find someone to listen to it sing, but nobody was capable of staying awake through the whole song. So, it embarked on a quest to find someone who could listen to its whole song.
I decided to give the story a happy ending.
The All-Night Mask (and Link, who wears it) comes from Majora's Mask. The mask was originally intended as a torture device (beyond that, its origins are unknown), and prevents the wearer from sleeping. Jigglypuff's song is depicted as being powerful, but it can be blocked by a move as simple as Protect. This causes me to suspect it wouldn't stand a chance against the All-Night Mask -- which has been proven against dry NPC origin stories that take hours to recount.
My goodness, was that a nerdy paragraph.

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