Saturday, August 11, 2012

Twice a day

EV # 42 "Twice a day"
So there's a minimum of confusion, this is a closeup on the clock in the bottom panel.

Now, somebody please tell me that I'm not the only one.

I can actually remember when I first learned the clock could make patterns like this. I must have been four years old. Although at that point, I had a precocious mastery of numbers, I still sometimes had a hard time with digital faces. I got 2s and 5s confused and 3s always looked weird with angles instead of curves.
However, in spite of the difficulty, I tried my hardest to comprehend the little green digits on the panel of our great big microwave. And, one afternoon, I was amazed to see the time was 1:23. I was very familiar with the numbers 123 in sequence, and I was so awestruck by the fact that they were right there on the clock, that I had to show someone.
My sister was nearby. She was eight years old, and with twice as many years as well as exposure to the lore of the playground, she smiled knowingly at my little "discovery." She told me, somewhat to my disbelief, that the clock went even further at 12:34. I had to wait almost an entire day to see this, but it was well worth it.
Years later, we got a digital clock that went so far as to count seconds. Oh how many times I've paused, sometimes for minutes on end, just to witness the great 12:34:56. (PM, of course. I usually only see the AM on my alarm clock, which does not count seconds. I still look for it, though.)
I could never figure a tidy way to include the dates (which were also shown on the clock) to continue the pattern. July 8 read as 07/08, and those zeroes just don't lend themselves well to the pattern.

My brother tells me that this past year, his orchestra class (which, as I well remember, also has a digital clock that counts seconds) took place trans 12:34:56. The entire first violin section has been known to stop mid-rehearsal, just to watch the event.

xD. Just look at the URL of this post. I forgot to enter a title or put that utilitarian "EV # such-and-such" caption at the top of the post. The URL has, therefore, taken on the only text on the post: my signature and that ever-so-lazy "commentary coming later." Well, commentary is sometimes hard to write, and (in case you hadn't noticed from the subject of this comic) I'm easily distracted.

What, really, do you expect me to put here?
12:34:52 PM, 12:34:53 PM, 12:34:54 PM, 12:34:55 PM, 12:34:56 PM
That was kinda lame.

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